The Secret Life of Chaos (2009)

Category | Science

This is a film about one very simple question: How did we get here? Its subject, Chaos Theory, is most unfortunately named. In fact it is about the underlying order of all nature. A great deal of what once have seemed like random chaos in the world will make more sense after you have seen this BBC Four documentary  …

“All the complexity of the universe, all of its infinite richness enmerges from mindless simple rules repeating over and over again. Powerful though this process is, it is also inherently unpredictable. So although I can confidently tell you that the future will be amazing, I can also say, with scientific certainty, that I have no idea what it holds.”  ~ Professor Jim Al-Khalil (Presenter)

Amazingly it turns out that the mathematics of Chaos can explain how and why the universe creates exquisite order and pattern. And the best thing? You dont need to be a scientist to understand it.

Winner Best Film: International Science Film Festival 2010

Or watch the introductory 3 mins on the producer’s site:  Furnace Films


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