Baraka (1992)

Not so much a documentary but a reminder: that we have arrived onto the canvas of human existence at a single time and place – and that the theatre of life has many stages and many stories.

Baraka is a word that means blessing in many different languages.

Filmed at 152 locations in 24 countries this film came after the Qatsi series by Godfrey Reggio, which it somewhat resembles. Containing no dialogue the film instead uses themes to present perspectives, evoking a uniquely internal overview of civilisation and humanity – using landscapes, churches, ruins, religious ceremonies, and cities thrumming with life; often in time-lapse photography to capture the great pulse of humanity as it flocks and swarms in daily activity.

There is a kind of message which can be read from it it but you may have to watch it several times to catch on.

” On one level, the film is a 96-minute travelog. On another level, it is a meditation on the planet.

” It has the power of a dream, from which we awaken, instead of a warning, to which we respond. ~  Roger Ebert


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